Easy & secure digital tipping for the US hospitality industry

Supporting hospitality services in a clean, digital way, by connecting workers and tippers in a single secure app with added benefits.

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The Tipping Point

Solving a classic issue with modern tools – making it easier for workers in the hospitality industry and their clients alike to compensate exceptional service in a more digitalized way where cash is not ‘’king’’ anymore.

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The Problem

Tipping has created an environment where hospitality employees feel exploited and their incomes are fragmented into digital and cash. Without a way to digitally centralize their income, their credit scores are affected, they are more vulnerable to losing track of money and can fall victim to intensifying social inequality.

The Solution

An ecosystem of blockchain-backed software applications designed to simplify and enhance the tipping process in the North American market. It acts as a connectivity broker between tippers and individuals receiving tips, where each of them has a KYC-enabled account on the app, while transactions between them are secured in real-time and stored on blockchain. The payment infrastructure is agnostic, tipping and paying for services work through ApplePay, GooglePay and through integration with card providers and the solution comes with extra business benefits and features (in-app chat, reports, payroll management, alerts, etc).

The benefits of blockchain

Data privacy compliance

Individuals become app users through a KYC-like process and their private data only belongs to them, being able to choose if & how to share this with others.


Every piece of private information and transaction data is encrypted and backed-up in real time in a decentralized network of nodes.

Data Immutability

Ensuring that data belongs to the entity that it’s supposed to belong to and that it hasn’t been tampered with.

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