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Innovation has always been one of our core principles. Knowing that we can make a better tomorrow for individuals and companies alike with the help of creative technology is what drives us forward. If you are a passionate person, join us on this amazing journey.
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Modex benefits

Modex is more than a tech company, it's the place to learn, grow, make friends, and have the best working experience. Join one of the most dynamic teams in the high-tech field!

Advanced Medical Insurance

Health is wealth! Since we care about your well-being, we provide you with a subscription to one of the country’s best private clinics.

Days Off

Relax, read, travel, and enjoy the moments with your loved ones. Modex is the ideal place to strike a perfect work-life balance.

Performance-based bonuses

At Modex, your hard work is rewarded! We value professional development, and we want to motivate you to become better every day.


Your office can be anywhere, but nowhere is like the new Modex office! Choose to work where you are most productive.

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