Modex signs collaboration with FIFA

To power FIFA+ Collect ahead of
FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™

FIFA Chief Business Officer, Romy Gai, said: "We are excited to embark on this transformative journey with Modex and take the FIFA+ Collect platform to new heights.
Since launching, the platform has been immensely popular worldwide and fans from all countries now have the opportunity to own a piece of footballing history.
FIFA has announced a new collaboration with Modex to power the FIFA+ Collect platform, bringing an innovative new digital collectibles experience to fans worldwide.

New collectibles to launch on platform during tournament, rarest collectibles offer unique ticketing opportunities.  Additional launches to be made available through Polygon network on the OpenSea platform.

Introducing FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™ Dual Drop
FIFA and Modex will launch an exclusive drop of digital collectibles ahead of the highly anticipated FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™. Fans can anticipate an array collection of moments from the tournament and collectibles tied to physically match used items! Dual Drops are two different drops designed to excite football fans worldwide. Each offers exciting new opportunities, taking the football fan experience to a new Web3 level.
Drop 1:  FIFA+ Collect
A limited number of digital collectible membership cards will provide rewards, including an airdrop that contains 2 FIFA World Cup 2026 Final Tickets.
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Drop 2:  FIFA+ Collect on OpenSea
Collectibles tied to physical match used items used during the FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™ and other exclusive football collectibles.
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