Blockchain-powered enterprise data networks

Boost the value of your business data with Modex Ledger DB.
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Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that connects databases to a decentralized ledger to make valuable new features available at the enterprise level, adding a layer of integrity and trust to the client’s data system.

Easy network management

Offering enhanced administrative functions that allow you to build an enterprise-ready blockchain network quickly and easily, so you can focus on business growth.

Enterprise-grade networks

With enterprise functionalities in its DNA, Modex Ledger DB meets the most rigorous requirements for scalable, production-ready networks, while keeping legacy databases.

Security and

Integrating blockchain features into enterprise databases to enhance data security, preserve privacy, and provide a single source of truth for all parties who access the data.


Highly configurable business plans that allow customers to choose packages that best suit their current needs and effortlessly scale up their networks when necessary.

How it works

Modex Ledger DB provides a managed and decentralized ledger for data entries backed by blockchain technology. It protects customer data against tampering and destruction at the source, providing enhanced security and integrity along with advanced encryption mechanisms.
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Based on our proprietary technology

Modex Blockchain Database® (BCDB) is our patented innovation that combines traditional databases with distributed blockchain technology to harness the full potential of both. It is designed to offer real-time data protection and integrity, streamlined data sharing, and simplified compliance processes. No migration downtimes, no steep learning curve.

Certified technical integrations

Designed to grow alongside other relevant software products that can be quickly integrated to bring market value. This enables joint technical efforts to fast-track initiatives and create unique product bundlings, thus expanding into untapped markets. ​


Modex Ledger DB is now available for purchase from the Azure Marketplace - with more cloud platforms coming soon.

We provide support to customers throughout the deployment period and we are working on updates to further automate and streamline the solution adoption process.


Available now
on Microsoft Azure

Coming soon
AWS Cloud
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Oracle Cloud
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Google Cloud

Blockchain-powered issue voting platform that makes collective decision-making easy, secure, and transparent. The solution can be used by both public institutions and private organizations, as its design can be adapted to any scenario where votes must be cast remotely in a secure manner.


Low-code, blockchain-backed digital workflow management platform designed to accelerate software development, increase process efficiency, and reduce costs in developer-constrained environments. The platform’s blockchain back-end ensures data transparency, immutability, and granular control over access and usage rights.

Data Vault

Data Vault is a blockchain-backed digital data safety box application designed for individual users or businesses that need a place to securely store sensitive or private documents, which will be kept inside an immutable environment with a friendly and easy to use interface.


dApps and Add-ons

We have built a series of relevant blockchain-powered applications and services that can be developed into fully-fledged solutions that match the customer’s specific business needs.

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Modex aims at changing the way Web3 can benefit existing businesses. Reach out to us if you would like to understand how it can be done.
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