Build and run your blockchain network on Microsoft Azure

With Modex Ledger DB you can open and configure blockchain networks using your Azure Cloud account, in just a few simple steps. Whether your existing database is cloud-based or locally stored, you can enable new blockchain-powered functionalities to boost data integrity and security and create stronger business networks within or outside your organization.

Fully managed, hybrid deployment

Dedicated to Microsoft Azure customers: services are billed through Azure account. Get a multi-region, multi-cloud blockchain node up in running in seconds on Azure with fully-managed infrastructure, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Azure services integrations for enterprises

Azure AD platform-level, individual service level coming soon.Azure SQL Server + Azure PostgreSQL (MariaDB, MySQL are coming soon) – self-deployed and fully managed by the customer.

Blockchain-as-a-Service protocol

Modex Ledger DB (built on top of our core innovative engine Blockchain Database) - Proof-of-Stake blockchain framework suitable for business.   Modex Ledger DB cannot read customer data – all encrypted on our side, customer has full control of database.

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About the solution

Modex Ledger DB leverages blockchain functionalities to enhance data storage, sharing, and management at the enterprise level while integrating with familiar database frameworks.

Based on a permissioned blockchain model, Modex Ledger DB offers unique data integrity advantages, such as immutability (making the ledger append-only) and tamper proofing (to ensure all records are kept intact).

The solution facilitates and simplifies access to blockchain development by providing the necessary technical tools to any software specialist who can operate API-based systems.

About Azure
Companies pursuing a blockchain-powered project no longer need to hire ultra-specialized human resources to manage the blockchain component, nor do they have to overload their own infrastructures with blockchain-related resources, as they can simply acquire our Blockchain-as-a-Service solution through the Azure Cloud Marketplace.

Cyber resilience

A cyber resilience strategy is vital for business continuity. It can improve a company’s security posture and reduce the risk of exposure to its critical infrastructure, while also reducing financial loss and reputational damage. Adding a blockchain layer to strengthen data systems and digital processes is a novel integrated approach that can provide a series data security and cyber resilience benefits.

Regulatory compliance

New regulatory frameworks are being put in place to control the way data is handled, stored, and shared. In this context, compliance can quickly become overwhelmingly difficult and expensive for companies across industries. Modex Ledger DB allows you to have peace of mind by covering all your data protection and compliance needs.

Product journey tracking

The most successful products are those that meet consumer requirements of quality, ethical sourcing, availability, and price. A blockchain-powered supply chain can help participants record price, date, location, quality and certification documents, and other relevant information to more effectively manage the product journey and boost consumer trust.

More services coming soon

Continuous integration of Microsoft Azure services within Modex Ledger DB (BaaS) to configure an infrastructure capable of facilitating a wide range of functionalities based on each Azure customer’s business needs.​

End-to-End Encryption

Prevent data being read or secretly modified, other than by the true sender and recipient(s).

Multi-region Networks

A multi-region architecture can provide higher availability and help avoid application downtime if a subsystem of the application fails.

Azure Key Vault

Provides hardware security modules (HSM) that are maintained in the Azure Cloud.

Multiple types of SQL databases

Making the solution more enterprise-friendly by supporting SQL databases.

Network metrics & analytics

Network performance metrics can help provide you with a more profound understanding of how your network infrastructure and services are operating.

Azure secure enclaves

Secure enclaves are being extended to data storage in organizations to identify highly sensitive information and protect it in a dedicated, purpose-built secure repository.

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