Razvan Bogdan, Front-end Lead – The future of the blockchain industry looks bright

October 9, 2021

He’s a fan of macroeconomics and politics, he likes reading fantasy, Sci-Fi, history or trading books, but he’s also passionate about stocks and the crypto market. The #WeAreModex series of interviews continues with Razvan, who tells us what it takes to be a developer and shares his views on the future of the blockchain industry.

After graduating from the “Ion Ghica” National Economic College, Bacau where he studied economics, management, and marketing, Razvan went to “Vasile Alecsandri” University – Faculty of Sciences, focusing on informatics, mathematics and economy. Before joining our company, Razvan worked as back-end and front-end developer building websites, debugging and bug fixing, then as a web developer at Temenos.

Razvan has been working at Modex since September 2018. “I’ve joined the company after being recommended by a friend, who had already made the transition from his previous job to Modex. I’ve passed the interview and got the job. My work consists of planning and designing web interfaces using various web technologies such as React, React Native or Vue.”

Shaping the future of blockchain

After joining our team, Razvan felt right at home. “What I love the most about Modex is that it is one of the few rising companies which is building a product for blockchain, a new domain which has a lot of promise for the future.” Speaking about the working environment in our company, Razvan adds: “I was delighted to find here a great team, with cool and helpful colleagues, and a good work environment where there’s a right balance between work from home and working in the office.”

Razvan believes that the future of the blockchain industry “looks really bright” and the demand for blockchain developers will continue to grow. “We can see there’s already a trend for blockchain adoption. The possibilities are limitless, just look at all the DeFi projects out there on Ethereum and more will be built on other blockchains as time passes. Using crypto coins as currencies (see the case of El Salvador) or decentralised voting are just two possibilities with potential for the future.”

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Passion and dedication to become a developer

We’ve asked Razvan what it takes in order to have a career as a developer. “To be a good developer you need passion and dedication”, says Razvan. “The ability to stay in front of the computer for hours just to study a new concept is very important. Ask for help when you need it and offer help to others in return. While working long hours is great in the short term, your health will deteriorate as time passes, so short breaks and working out are mandatory.”

If he’d turn back the time and start his career all over again, would Razvan do things differently or not? “I would probably do some things differently, but most of what I’ve done would be the same. I love what I do and I am passionate about other things, but no matter what the future holds, I would probably keep programming for the rest of my life. If programming was not an option, I would work as a trader since I’m already doing this to get some side income.”

Sci-Fi, fantasy books and eccentric architecture

As always, we’ve ended our chat with Razvan talking about his hobbies. “I love to visit other countries and especially urban areas. I love eccentric and obscure architecture, even though I don’t understand it fully. I also love trading stocks and the crypto market. I have studied economics and always loved the speculative side of it. I am also a fan of macroeconomics and politics. I like reading fantasy, science fiction, history or trading books. I am on the last page of “Sapiens, A brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Harari and after that I’m planning to read “Blockchain Revolution” by Don and Alex Tapscott.

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