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Modex stores diplomas directly on the blockchain for students who took the blockchain class

November 17, 2021

Modex is proud to announce that it ranks among the first companies to reimagine the education system by employing innovative technology and storing student diplomas on the blockchain.

The “Fundamental of Blockchain Technology” course, organized by Modex in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, has concluded. Students who have successfully passed the course have been awarded a traditional paper diploma that attests to their knowledge of the topic taught at the course, but with an innovative twist. The diploma also contains a smart contract address and additional information that can help students who graduated to find and access their diplomas on the Ethereum blockchain. Students also received the information necessary to access their diploma on the blockchain via email.

Introducing blockchain to the next generation of developers

2020 marked the beginning of the first blockchain academic course in Romania. The result of a scientific research and educational partnership signed in the same year between Modex and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, the course aimed to give students the opportunity to study blockchain technology under the tutelage of Modex experts.

The blockchain curriculum was developed and taught by Alin Iftemi, Chief Business Officer & Modex Co-founder, who went back to school, this time donning the teacher’s robe as he made use of his extensive tech background to help students take their first steps in the world of blockchain.

Taking a somewhat different approach than a traditional technology-focused course, the “Fundamental of Blockchain Technology” covered besides the technical information and concepts, a comprehensive analysis of the real-life applicability of the technology in the business and enterprise sectors. By understanding how blockchain manages to deliver its unique set of features and characteristics students gained deeper insight into how blockchain can be used to streamline operations and protect data records from a wide range of disruptive cybersecurity threats.

Students were also introduced to the Blockchain Database technology developed by Modex to help them understand how blockchain can be used to augment existing IT infrastructures and unlock new business opportunities and technological propositions for legacy systems, without requiring a complete infrastructure overhaul.

“This course was a fun learning experience not only for students but also for me. Blockchain is one of those technologies that seems easy to understand but is difficult to master. I’m glad to say that students were very receptive to new concepts and thinking patterns. Blockchain is witnessing a surge in popularity, and I hope that this will motivate students to continue in this direction and eventually pursue a career in blockchain development. Romania certainly has a well of young talent, that if guided properly, can help make this country a leader in the blockchain development market. For their efforts and hard work, we at Modex have decided that it is only fitting to make use of the technology we have taught them and store their diplomas on the blockchain”, added Alin Iftemi.

How to access the diploma on the blockchain

To acknowledge all the hard work that students put in, Modex has decided to make use of the technology taught to students and store their diplomas immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain.

After graduating, students received a physical diploma that also contains the address of the smart contract they need to interact with to view their diploma and a unique ID linked with their name. Via email, the students also received the contract address, their ID and the ABI which acts as an interface that outlines what function they can perform with the contract.

In order to access your diploma on the Ethereum blockchain, you will first need to create a wallet if you do not have one. MyEtherWallet will be used as an example, as it is easy to use and has a quick setup time. You need to download the MEW app, which is available both on IOS and Android and begin to configure your new wallet. After configuration, you can connect your MEW Wallet App to MEW Web. Then go on the left side of the screen, select Contract – Interact with Contract. Copy the Contract Address to the Contract Address field and the ABI code to the ABI/JSON Interface field and hit Interact. In the Interact with contract interface you can execute multiple functions:

  • GetCourseName returns the name of the course
  • GetDiplomaByld requires you to introduce your ID in the idDiploma field. Calling this function will return your name, proving that you are among the students that graduated the course
  • GetTeacherName returns the name of your course instructor

The course developed in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest is part of Modex’s educational campaign in the academic environment and a strategy to stimulate the growth of young talented developers to help them cultivate their skills, making them ready to answer the needs of the market. Through these types of initiatives in education, Modex aims to give back to the community and make Romania a leader in the blockchain development market.

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