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Modex, accepted in B-hub for Europe acceleration program

April 29, 2021

Modex has been accepted into the B-hub for Europe acceleration program, a project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation project. B-hub is an ambitious project that brings together blockchain technology providers, public actors, companies, blockchain enthusiasts and leading actors of European innovation towards a common goal: fostering the use of blockchain for the benefit of public services, companies and citizens of Europe.

Modex, the leading Blockchain Database provider, was one of the 15 applications selected out of a total of 55. “It has been a difficult choice for the evaluators because of a highly competitive pool of candidates”, said a B-hub for Europe representative.

This program will enable winning blockchain startups to benefit from free, expert, customized go-to-market acceleration services; access to a pan-European network of businesses, public actors and startups (Italy, Romania, Germany, France, Lithuania); connection opportunities with investors and counselling on access to public funds; and European visibility through B-hub for Europe’s communication channels and events.

Five leading business accelerators in Europe

B-hub for Europe involves 5 ecosystems and 5 leading business accelerators in Europe: Italy, Germany, Romania, France and Lithuania. Consortium members are ecosystems builders and innovation promoters for technology integration and digital skills enhancement with international exposure and consolidated experience in EU funded schemes. They are all key-entities in their local innovation environments and highly dynamic actors who can play a role of local catalysts to drive up local hubs for startups’ growth and scale-up.

Contributing actively to blockchain development

B-hub for Europe helps startups in shaping and offering high-tech solutions addressing public challenges and private businesses’ needs. B-hub for Europe contributes to blockchain development by leveraging European technological excellence and supporting the growth of business integrating blockchain. B-hub’s offer is threefold:

  • For startups: personalised support, connecting with potential users of blockchain solutions, and meeting Italian, German, Lithuanian, Romanian and French blockchain ecosystems
  • For companies and public service players: training on the potential applications of the blockchain, connecting with startups that can address use cases
  • For all: the animation of a European community around the blockchain (events, mapping of initiatives, research resources …)

By facilitating collaboration between start-ups, public players and large groups, B-hub for Europe brings blockchain technologies closer to the market and enables a knowledge transfer beneficial to all European economic players.

About Modex

Modex offers a new trademark technology designed to solve the last mile adoption problem of blockchain. Our software solution aims to make blockchain technology user-friendly for every single organization or company. At Modex, we innovate thanks to our incredible team of experts, and by integrating cutting-edge technologies we evolved into a leading Blockchain Database provider offering real-time data protection, immutability, and data security for companies, institutions, and organizations.

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