What is Test Net?

Test net environment is a slightly modified version of the live blockchain network which retains all the essential characteristics. It is a valuable tool which will empower developers, allowing them to easily test their code. Each blockchain technology has a network supported by a number of nodes, machines which effectively run a program, but at the same time they also make a copy of the database, which is known as the blockchain data (transactions ledger).


Test Net Environment

An Ethereum node slightly modified in order to facilitate easier testing, Modex Test Net will encompass functionalities designed to satisfy the requirements of the bytecode analysis and IDE, such as:
Gas Estimation
In order to give developers more control, we estimate the gas cost for specific functions from smart contracts
Transaction Processing
Either it’s a regular transaction, a contract deployment, or a function call, we provide developers with insights regarding the status of the transaction, if it’s pending, or if it has enough confirmations
Contract deployment
A build in flow where developers can easily deploy the contract without having to worry about transaction signing or deploying
IDE Integration
A set of functionalities integrated in our IDE which is directly linked to the test network. This allows developers to perform actions directly from the IDE
Block Explorer
Block explorers are a quintessential tool which allows participants of a blockchain network to easily explore, visualize, search, verify, research information
Contract Function testing
A set of functionalities which allows developers to easily test every function from a deployed contract


The network is composed of minimum 2–3 nodes, but it can be much larger, 100000 nodes, and the network can encompass more than 1 million computers. All the computers present in the network are called nodes, and every node which supports the network or is part of the network is composed of a program and a copy of the blockchain that acts as a database. The program has many functions, for example, it can synchronize with the other nodes in such a way to create a database that is always updated.

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