Bespoke Smart Contracts


The bounties feature will offer businesses the possibility to request smart contracts from Modex. Customers will post bounties and if the smart contract passes all the review stages, the developer(s) will receive, upfront, Modex Tokens on top of the amounts to be received from future sales. We created the base for a win-win situation for both businesses and developers, filling the gap between two different ecosystems.



Modex Smart Contract Marketplace

With a variety of smart contracts to choose from, written some by the best developers from all over the world, Modex Marketplace is the best place to find the software products you need. On our dedicated platform, businesses can discover smart contracts, filter them accordingly and buy the ones best suited to the company’s future growth.
Blockchain Knowledge Module
Blockchain technology adoption must become an easy implementation and a fully trusted process for every company. The Modex Knowledge Module offers valuable insights on blockchain through documentation organized on different levels, taking into account the specific needs and background of the users: new to the blockchain, end-users, startups, business documentation and more
Customer Deployment Module
In order to adopt blockchain, companies need to test, integrate and use the solution in a test and live environment. Modex's dedicated module allows a customer to deploy a customisable smart contract, test smart contracts, access real data provided by the user, and integrate the smart contract
Test before Buy
Modex is carefully working to provide the right solutions for every needs and worries of our clients. The "test before buy" option allows a preview of the smart contract. Those companies wanting to before buying it in order to see the functions, the parameters needed and the results of accessing the functions in the contract will be able to do this. The "test before buy" functionality will be offered in a custom and secure test environment provided by Modex

Contract Live Interactions

A seamless experience offered to Marketplace users from start to finish has been one of our top priorities right from the start. To this end, Modex will implement a MyEtherWallet (MEW) like functionality. With this in place, users will be able to interact with the smart contract based on contract ABI and contract address, they will be able to write on the functions in the contract deployed (using Ether from their account), and call on the functions in the contract deployed. We are engaged in a constant development process, and in a future implementation, users will be able to sign-in with their wallet into Modex.