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Quantifiable Trust

Achieve better security, confidentiality, and integrity for your enterprise database through the seamless integration of blockchain capabilities.

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Strategic solutions that enable brands to enter Web3.

Modex is a Web3 product development company that aims to empower brands to build a more connected, engaged, and loyal community while growing and unlocking new revenue streams.
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Core product for an impactful Web3 transformation

Unlock new capabilities and achieve quantifiable trust in your enterprise data systems with our production-grade blockchain solutions.

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A one-stop solution to store and transfer all your digital assets. Seamless integration with no need for significant technical development; fully tailored to cater to your enterprise needs.

NFT Marketplace

A platform for Web3 users where they can buy, sell, and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), also known as Collectibles. Each platform is customized to fit the enterprise’s demands regarding blockchain network compatibility, trading tools, and other technical specifications.


A one-stop solution for projects to create and launch new NFT collections. Entirely UI/UX customizable and blockchain network agnostic. Each platform is built to scale and integrate additional features tied to the NFT industry.


Enhance data integrity, share sensitive data more confidently, and streamline complex operations with unique blockchain features integrated at the database level.

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Successful User Cases

Our ever-growing partner network is one of our most substantial assets, and we look forward to extending our success with new, forward-thinking companies.

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Product Research & Strategy

Offering enhanced administrative functions that allow you to build an enterprise-ready blockchain network quickly and easily so you can focus on business growth.

User Experience & Interface Design

With enterprise functionalities in its DNA, Modex Ledger DB meets the most rigorous requirements for scalable, production-ready networks while keeping legacy databases.

Full Stack Web & Mobile Engineering

Integrating blockchain features into enterprise databases to enhance data security, preserve privacy, and provide a single source of truth to all parties.

Project Management & support

Highly configurable business plans that allow customers to choose packages that best suit their current needs and effortlessly scale up their networks when necessary.

Quantifiable trust

Blockchain for business without the hassle.

Modex Ledger DB
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Modex Ledger DB

Work with data you can trust.

Modex Ledger DB leverages blockchain to enhance data storage, sharing, and management at the enterprise level while adapting to familiar database frameworks.

Data storage
Record versioning
& monitoring
Permisions &
data sharing
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Case studies

With our broad expertise in delivering blockchain-powered services, tools, and frameworks that address business requirements across industries, we help enterprises gain a competitive advantage on the market.

Explore our case studies and reach out to us if you’re searching for similar solutions for your company.

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Compliant & Auditable Enterprise Data

As data becomes more valuable, stronger regulatory frameworks are being put in place to control the way different types of data are used and managed - and on top of general data regulations, each industry adds its own rules and best practices that have to do with how data should be handled, stored, and shared. Compliance can thus quickly become a money-eating pit.

Find out what Modex Ledger DB can do to help your company ensure compliance with data-related regulations.

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Blockchain-backed Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) enables companies to employ digital management solutions for complex processes involving multiple stakeholders. Advanced BPM systems integrate data from several sources and ensure users consider all relevant input. Blockchain technology has the potential to change the environment in which inter-organizational processes operate.

Modex Ledger DB offers companies a way to set up and carry out digital processes in a trustworthy and transparent manner.

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Cyber Resilience for
Data at Rest

Organizations must take measures to ensure the integrity and security of their data and to be certain that it can only be accessed and used by authorized parties. Data at rest is the target of most attacks and companies need additional layers of security for their cloud databases.

Modex Ledger DB is a comprehensive solution that strengthens enterprise data management systems with unique capabilities made possible by the fusion between traditional databases and distributed ledger technology.

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Business Ecosystems

As companies make efforts to obtain better customer knowledge, reduce the time of transactions or align with industry standards, they are experiencing an increased need to share data with partners and peers in a trusted and secure digital environment.  But sharing data isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and oftentimes it is still a difficult and impractical process.

With Modex Ledger DB, companies in any industry can set up a data sharing ecosystem where complete trust in data is guaranteed by technology.

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Product provenance – verified journey & guaranteed authenticity

Consumers want assurance that their purchases adhere to the highest quality, sustainability, and ethics standards. Whether we’re talking about luxury goods, organic foods or pharmaceutical drugs, counterfeit goods and false claims about product provenance are extremely widespread, making consumers wary and threatening brand image and market share. A blockchain-based product…

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We’re in good company

Our ever-growing partner network is one of our strongest assets and we are happy to share our success with such forward-thinking companies.

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Myladie Stoumbou
Sr Regional Director, Partner Development for ISVs, Innovation & ScaleUps, Central & Eastern Europe, Microsoft

“Modex is a highly innovative company that is bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to traditional databases and applications, and the Silver Cloud Platform competency is a proof of their expertise in leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform to design and deliver first-class solutions to our customers.”

Razvan Ene
Razvan Ene
General Manager at Crayon Romania

“Crayon is always looking to expand its offerings with disruptive and innovative technologies in order to enrich the digital transformation and adoption for our customers. The partnership with Modex will bring additional value to our customer approach and I am convinced that our collaboration will rapidly expand beyond the Romanian borders.”

Calin Vaduva
President of Fortech

“As no company knows everything, we also need strong partners to complement our expertise and help us grow. Modex is the perfect example of such a company. With their Blockchain Database® (BCDB) and proven track record of enterprise blockchain solutions delivered, Modex opened a promising new direction for us. We do the same for them with our broad expertise and strong delivery team and are eager to work together on innovative solutions that will benefit our companies and their clients.”

david pearson
David Pearson
Director Technology Alliances at UiPath

“The extension developed by Modex increases the trust UiPath customers have in their automation data, which is essential for governance and threat protection. We are excited to help make this important security capability accessible via the UiPath Marketplace so users can immediately improve confidence and enhance the quality of their automation projects”

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Modex aims at changing the way web3 can benefit existing businesses. Reach out to us if you would like to understand how it can be done.
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