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Modex Marketplace is the world’s first integrated platform for buying, customising, compiling, deploying and interacting with smart contracts. Discover the right smart contract suited to your needs, interact with a smart contract, and test it before buying. We proudly design the Modex Marketplace to function like the missing link between smart contracts environment and companies interested in blockchain adoption.

See What's Inside

Modex Marketplace
A variety of smart contracts to choose from, written some by the best developers from all over the world
The bounties feature will offer businesses the possibility to request smart contracts from Modex
Customer deploying module
In order to adopt blockchain, companies need to test, integrate and use the solution in a test and live environment
Contract live interaction
A seamless experience offered to Marketplace users from start to finish has been one of our top priorities right from the start
Test before buy
Modex is carefully working to provide the right solutions for every needs. The "test before buy" option allows a preview of the smart contract
Blockchain Knowledge Module
Blockchain technology adoption must become an easy implementation and a fully trusted process for every company

Development Companies

Are you a blockchain development and consulting company? Become a Modex For Businesses Affiliate company. We are ready to receive custom blockchain requests from our clients


Looking for development?

Apply here and we will put you in touch with our affiliated audited companies that can develop your custom-made blockchain projects. We are offering 100 Silver packages of 10.000 Modex to companies applying for blockchain developments, in order to spend on Modex Marketplace


Save Money
We have the right tools at your disposal. For everything related to blockchain, Modex is the best place on the market
Proven Experience
With hundreds of created and audited smart contracts, we have proven that we have the necessary skills
Fast Integration
The time saved with our software migration solutions will make the adoption of blockchain a much faster and smoother build process

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