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Modex Platform

What is Modex

Modex is a marketplace for smart contracts. You can think of it as the app store or the Envato marketplace for the blockchain. Developers build and sell smart contracts to businesses who are looking to build blockchain dapps but don't have blockchain developers on staff.

As a developer, you'll receive Modex from businesses that want to use the smart contracts you create. Modex will be availabe for purchase in the upcoming Modex ICO. The general sale will start at $0.80 per Modex.

Why Join Modex

With Modex, developers can sell their smart contracts to thousands of businesses worldwide. Think of it as the blockchain's app store.

Get Paid Better

You develop a smart contract once and sell it on Modex to potentially thousands of businesses.

Bulletproof Work Through Security Audits

Once you upload a smart contract, it goes through a thorough security audit and penetration testing. This makes you work more safer and more valuable both to the end client and yourself.

Build A Reputation

The world's top companies are actively looking for blockchain developers for custom blockchain development projects. Your Modex portfolio can help you work with these amazing companies.

The Dev Bounty

Sign up, commit your work, invite your friends and earn up to 1,500 Modex!

Developer Sign-up

1. Sign up as a developer
Modex will double-check that you are an actual developer. Having blockchain experience is awesome, but not required.


Upload Smart Contracts

2. Upload your first smart contract
Modex will perform a security audit, penetration testing and make sure the contract is your own work.


Invite Smart Contract Developers

3. Invite your friends
When a friend you invited signs up and completes step 1 in this process, you get 100 Modex AND they get 100 Modex. Only 5 of your lucky friends can claim this offer.
100 Modex for each referral
up to 5 referrals

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