Veelancing - a blockchain-based freelancing platform

Veelancing takes the freelancing concept back to its origins, by breaking the barriers between people and enabling real peer-to-peer interactions between freelancers and companies, through blockchain.

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Leveraging Modex BCDB to reinvent the concept of freelancing

Veelancing enlisted the help of Modex and its Blockchain Database solution to set a solid foundation for their platform and to achieve their goal of delivering a streamlined freelancing platform that offers enhanced services to the freelancing community.

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The Problem

At its core, freelancing was developed to make it easier for parties involved to get in touch, set some terms, and make the payment/service exchange. Originally designed as a peer-to-peer concept, popular freelancing platforms have been taken over by big companies and turned into the same difficult and bureaucratic process that freelancers had originally fled from.

The Solution

Veelancing’s goal is to take the freelancing concept back to its origins, by breaking the barriers between people, and enabling real peer-to-peer interactions between the parties involved, using blockchain technology and smart contracts on a new decentralized marketplace-type platform. Freelancers and companies worldwide using Veelancing will avoid long customer support delays and resolve all payment, mediation, and safety issues much more quickly and easily.

The benefits of blockchain

Cost-effective smart contracts

Veelancing will deploy the BCDB layer to verify the authenticity and integrity of information at the smart contract level. The technology also ensures consensus between users, the smart contract provisions and the terms and conditions of the platform.

Data integrity and immutability

To ensure the security of user’s personally identifiable data, Veelancing is using the Modex BCDB layer to encrypt and store the hash of the information on the blockchain and compare it to validate the identity of users without risking exposing any sensitive data.

Secure authentication

To guarantee security, Veelancing uses an authentication model based on the BCDB solution to achieve validation and consensus on the authentication side. Even if a node gets compromised, admins can both quickly identify the issue and recover the data from the other nodes in the network.

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