Product Provenance & Supply Chain Traceability

Build trusted supply chains using blockchain technology 

Learn how blockchain can be deployed across the supply chain to enhance product traceability, operational transparency, and trust among stakeholders.

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Streamline the product journey and boost consumer trust

Consumers want assurance that their purchases adhere to the highest quality, sustainability, and ethics standards. Whether we’re talking about luxury goods, organic foods or pharmaceutical drugs, counterfeiting and false claims about product provenance are extremely widespread, making consumers wary and threatening brand image and market share.

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The Problem

Besides the pressure coming from consumers on increasingly competitive markets, companies in recent years have started to develop and adopt new ESG (environmental, sustainability, and governance) standards that require them to be more transparent and efficient across all operations and to adhere to much stricter standards in order to continue growing their market share and protect their reputation.

The Solution

A blockchain-powered solution can be implemented strategically to increase traceability of material supply chain, lower losses from counterfeit and gray market, improve visibility and compliance over outsourced contract manufacturing, and potentially enhance an organization's position as a leader in responsible manufacturing.

The benefits of blockchain

Data visibility

Eliminate information silos and ensure provenance with immutable records.

Process optimization

Access end-to-end supply chain data instantly and easily with full transparency.

Demand management

Minimize waste and allocate inventory using insights from real-time demand forecasts.

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Transform enterprise data management with blockchain-powered features that are designed to match real business needs and support the highest operational efficiency.
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