Permissioned healthcare records

Blockchain-based approach to patient-provider medical records aiming to enhance information exchange, reduce costs, simplify procedures, and increase visibility and control of patient data.

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Keep track of your health

Providing patients with a complete, easily accessible personal medical history, making it easier for healthcare providers to prescribe adequate treatment and personalize care.

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The Problem

As patients move between cities and family doctors, test labs, one-time clinicians and various healthcare providers, their records get scattered across different organizations, and losing data or access to past records becomes inevitable. Since healthcare providers - not patients - are the primary keepers of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), patients face significant issues in viewing their reports, correcting errors, and distributing information.

The Solution

Blockchain can bring a unique set of benefits to the healthcare industry, by placing patients at the center of the ecosystem and giving them power over one of their most valuable resources — their data. The technology enables the aggregation of health data from multiple sources in a secure, trusted, and automated way, while giving patients, researchers or medical units more control over their data and how it is shared.

The benefits of blockchain

Data reconciliation

Simplifying workflows by securely collecting data from several sources, improving processing of collected data and displaying the information intuitively.

Single source of truth

Providing one easily-accessible and complete version of a patient’s health record for healthcare providers to coordinate better and personalize care recommendations.

Data ownership & custom permissions

The blockchain-based mechanism provides security and transparency and allows parties to access each other’s data only with the consent of the data owner.

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