Orchestrator Security Compliance

Creating a tamper-resistant ecosystem for UiPath Orchestrator by bringing new levels of data traceability as it tracks all changes made to the monitored data.

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Introducing UiPath Orchestrator Security Compliance

Based on the Modex Blockchain Database (BCDB), the Orchestrator Security Compliance solution is a non-invasive integration with the SQL server database of the UiPath Orchestrator that enables clients to track all activity and changes that occur in the database, in real time.

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The Problem

Data-centered security tools and measures have become critically important for companies seeking to safeguard their data as they transit over different networks, servers, and applications. In this context, data sharing between businesses and auditors has become a difficult and impractical process.

The Solution

Blockchain technology enhances the functionality of the UiPath Orchestrator by bringing new levels of data traceability as it tracks all changes made to the monitored data, including timestamps, and stores them in a separate database to create a comprehensive and in-depth audit trail. The highly customizable solution can be configured to target and track any data that is relevant for the client’s business and generate a complete record history that acts as an indisputable source of truth.

Audit by design

For ease of installation, the OSC comes with a Windows installer that will walk your through all the necessary configurations to set up the connection with the UiPath’s Orchestrator’s existing SQL database as well as the connection to the BCDB infrastructure.

The benefits of blockchain


Log collection, storage, and analysis play a key role in ensuring a company’s digital security strategy.


Logging mechanisms and the ability to track user activities are critical in preventing, detecting, or minimizing the impact of the improper use of data.


Companies can gradually enhance the performance of operations at a fraction of the cost by implementing a steady flow of improvements.

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