Digitalizing decision-making in the public sector

eConsultare solution allows citizens to cast votes on projects or legislative proposals issued by the Environment Ministry.

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Transparent & secure voting

The platform is designed to make the governmental decision-making process more democratic by facilitating citizens’ active involvement in the validation of public policy and project ideas and their participation in identifying and solving problems in their communities.

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The Problem

Romanian legislation requires public institutions to consult the public for each legislative initiative or project, but this has traditionally been done in an outdated and cumbersome manner, either by on-site meetings hosted by institutions or via e-mail and letters. The Environment Ministry sought a better way to present their initiatives to citizens across the country and get feedback on these proposals in a more convenient manner.

The Solution

The solution provided by Modex allows citizens to cast votes on projects or legislative proposals issued by the Environment Ministry. The voting process takes place on a web application operating on top of a blockchain architecture that uses cryptographic methods to secure the personal data of users who register and vote on the platform. The infrastructure guarantees that nobody can intervene in the public consultation process to modify or invalidate votes or any other sensitive or private data.

The benefits of blockchain

Efficient digital government

Digitalizing governmental services and processes makes public institutions more efficient, reducing costs and waste and improving the quality of interaction between citizens and local, state or national government.

Increased institutional transparency

Implementing a secure and transparent online voting system will lead to a higher level of trust in public administrations and will raise institutions’ accountability to the public.

Broad applicability

Modex’s blockchain-based eVoting platform can be used by any local or national public institution anywhere in the world. The system can also be implemented in private companies, as a useful tool in periodic Shareholder Meetings or other similar events.

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