Digital identity for seafarers

Authenticate the link between seafarers' digital and “offline” identities and certifications for the sake of everyone at sea.

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Certified crew

Blockchain-enabled professional certificate verification with automatic integrity checks and alerts in case of data inconsistencies.

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The Problem

With false certifications in circulation, companies are always at risk of employing someone who has been issued falsified documentation from training institutions or created false documentation themselves. Seafarers with false documentation can enter the circuit of crew management companies that match resources with clients, thus endangering not only the integrity and the good functioning of the client’s operations but also these companies’ relationships and reputation.

The Solution

A blockchain-based verification system added to the crew management companies’ systems, where maritime certificates that these companies vouch for enter a standardized system that cannot be subject to tampering.

The benefits of blockchain

Trusted data & trusted parties

Blockchain will be used to verify the integrity of the data stored across the system and only trusted parties will be permitted to join the network and read data. For security purposes, only the crew management company’s authorized individuals will be able to upload and push data.


Instead of carrying around original documentation or photocopies, seafarers will only have to show a QR code to authorized parties upon request, as this will always be generated based on a trustworthy, immutable, and secure background check.

Single source of truth

Having all necessary documentation in one place, made secure and resistant to changes by unauthorized entities thanks to the underlying immutability property of blockchain ensures that any document provided by seafarers is authentic, valid and directly linked to their off-line identity.

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