Cross-Border Blockchain Remittance Platform

Cross-border remittance solutions to serve unbanked and underbanked populations in the Americas.

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Your bank, in your pocket

Helping people in North and South America to carry out secure cross-border payments, real time money transfers, and bill payments. Bringing customers a series of unique benefits: low costs, speed and convenience, and multiple bill payment options.

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The Problem

Sending money internationally is costliest for migrant populations due to inadequate access to financial services.

The Solution

The application is geared towards people living in North and South America who want to remit money to recipients across country borders. The solution provides a more convenient and cost-effective way for people to pay bills, transfer money, recharge phones, and provide for their loved ones as if they were in their home country.

The benefits of blockchain

Real time

Transactions references are synchronized almost instantly between all blockchain nodes, reducing the delays and costs associated with correspondent banks.


Guaranteed integrity and security for user data and transactions and a complete audit trail for every document.


Through the distributed architecture, data generated in different countries/regions can be stored and shared in ways that comply with local and international standards.

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