Combating SMS fraud

Enabling telecom operators to mitigate, filter and reject fraudulent SMSs, thus protecting their business customers and end-subscribers.

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Legitimate text messages only

A blockchain enabled solution that records, verifies and filters out text messages that don’t come from authoritative sources, thus protecting telecom operators, their subscribers and business clients at the same time.

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The Problem

Telecom operators need to adopt measures aimed at reducing SPAM / FRAUD messages for their end-customers. While this can be partially achieved with traditional means and database features, the application of new technical solutions like blockchain can bring a unique combination of benefits in one shot - to enhance the provisioning of telecommunications services, bring new revenue streams and increase trust in the organizations.

The Solution

To combat fraudulent spam texts, blockchain technology can be used as a back-end filter guarantee that SMS-related data comes from authoritative sources (known, legitimate business clients), that the data has not been tampered with by any party, and that it belongs to the right entity. This way, end-subscribers can trust that whatever SMS they receive, it is legitimate, as the blocking of fraudulent SMSs is done already at the telecom operator level - giving telecom companies the means to protect customers, show proactivity in complying with regulations, and set new industry standards.

The benefits of blockchain

Data integrity

Make SMS-related data immutable, encrypted, and fully traceable to avoid data tampering and support audit and investigations.

Customer trust

Lead innovation in the industry by adopting state-of-the-art technology solutions that improve customer experience and safety.

Regulatory compliance

Demonstrate commitment to upholding the highest standards and becoming an example of good practices for the entire telecom industry.

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