Blockchain-powered national digital identity

Enabling governments to reform the way they manage and secure citizen data and obtain actionable insights from accurate, relevant, and up-to-date national statistics.

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Single access citizenship

Implementing a digital identity system at the national level allows the creation of a single and secure gateway into all digital public services.

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The Problem

The low level of digitalization of many public services represents a major issue for today’s citizens and organizations, as it translates into difficult interactions with local and central governments, wasted time on paperwork, lost data, and low levels of data security.

The Solution

Modex’s National Digital Identity (NDI) solution aims to streamline citizens’ access to digital public services and to create a unique, tamper-proof electronic identity for every citizen, which can be used across the entire public services ecosystem, facilitating compliance with the “Once Only Principle” introduced by the European Union to streamline access to digital public services.

The benefits of blockchain


Streamlined interactions between citizens and governments, but also among public institutions, fewer paper-based processes, reduction of administrative costs.


Creating a secure, non-invasive data ecosystem that allows separate institutional databases to connect and share data seamlessly.


Real-time data protection, instant data recovery and guaranteed integrity make government agencies and institutions less vulnerable to data tampering, data loss, and cyber-attacks.

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