TopDevelopers names Modex as one of the top Blockchain Development Companies

August 25, 2021

TopDevelopers – a dedicated directory of IT service providers – has included Modex in their list of Top Blockchain Development Companies. After carefully analyzing the pulse of the blockchain market, TopDevelopers has put together a comprehensive list with the top Blockchain Development Companies to help businesses choose the right technology partner for their needs.

Seeing that traditional practices concerning the adoption and implementation of technology are no longer effective in the business sector, TopDevelopers has made it its mission to bridge the gap between companies and businesses with professional technology providers.

Talking about their selection for their Top Blockchain Development Companies, TopDevelopers underlined that “After an effective evaluation, the companies here have been found indisputable and trustworthy. The experienced teams here are professional and committed to the Blockchain projects they work on and thus have been positively reviewed by their repetitive client base. They can eligibly turn your ideas into a Blockchain solution that will be beneficial for business augmentation.”

“Modex is glad to see that all its efforts and hard work are being acknowledged by more players in the tech industry. We are constantly exploring new venues with our Blockchain Database solution to uncover everything this technology has to offer. Technology providers, especially the ones focused on blockchain still have an obstacle to overcome, namely to connect with companies that want to augment their processes with a blockchain layer. We are applauding TopDevelopers for their initiative in bridging the gap between technology providers and companies, and also thank them for including Modex on their list.” stated Mihai Ivascu, Modex CEO and Co-founder.

About Modex

Modex innovates in order to solve the last mile adoption problem of digital technology in society. Modex offers fully integrated data protection solutions and aims to make digital technologies user-friendly for organizations and people. Modex is a leading Blockchain Database provider offering real data integrity, log immutability, and data security to help companies protect valuable information.

Everything we do at Modex is driven by our mission to solve real-life problems and respond to real-business demands by making blockchain adoption affordable, fast and easy for enterprises of any size. Modex Blockchain Database facilitates industry-wide blockchain adoption by combining blockchain technology with traditional data storage mechanisms into a patent hybrid solution that helps public institutions and companies benefit from security, immutability, data integrity – without major investments, special training or year-long implementations.

About TopDevelopers

TopDevelopers offers top quality services in order to provide companies with an ideal technology provider. The listing provided by TopDevelopers is a result of core research and analysis and the gauging of the companies is based on diversified criteria and metrics to help businesses to screen the most appropriate tech partner for them and enhance their business to the next level.

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