Modex partners up with Network One Distribution to strengthen digitalization among SMEs

May 9, 2022

Leading blockchain-based solutions provider Modex and Network One Distribution, the leader of the electro-IT distribution market in Romania, are partnering up to strengthen digitalization initiatives among SMEs and public sector institutions by exploring the technical synergy between NOD’s portfolio of products and services and Modex’s blockchain-powered solutions.

The recently approved 2022 National SME Digitalization Program provides support and funding to encourage the use of innovative technologies and accelerate the pace of digitalization in Romanian companies. This program represents an additional opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs who view digitalization as the foundation of long-term development.

Blockchain technology plays an important role in this program as it holds numerous opportunities for companies looking to streamline operations while enhancing security and trust. The Romanian government will provide support to companies developing innovative products and services in the following technology areas: internet of things, smart cities/villages, industrial digitalization, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, electronic transactions, cybersecurity, big data, blockchain, e-governance, e-health.

A tech partnership geared for the future

Network One Distribution will add Modex’s patented Blockchain Database® solution to its portfolio as a new way to increase database security, trust and performance, help customers strengthen their data lineage and auditing processes, and build secure data sharing ecosystems that streamline collaboration between market players.  

Modex will provide specialized training to Network One Distribution internal teams and to interested partners in NOD’s distribution portfolio, equipping them with relevant knowledge and skills connected to the deployment of blockchain technologies at the enterprise level.  

“From small businesses and medium-sized enterprises to the big players on the market, digital transformation is imperative for everyone. And as digitalization continues to gain traction in an increasing number of industries, customer privacy, transparency and data security are becoming essential to a company’s infrastructure. Blockchain technology can address those challenges and many others. Therefore, I am delighted to welcome Network One Distribution to Modex’s growing list of trusted partners. With innovation as a common value, I am sure that our teams’ combined work will translate into meaningful results,” stated Mihai Ivascu, CEO and Co-founder of Modex.  

“We are excited to add Modex solutions in our portfolio as we are constantly searching for new technologies and opportunities. Modex solutions allow us to refine and strengthen our data security strategy, adapt to the needs of the changing partner or customer, to market requirements and successfully address new opportunities such as blockchain technology”, said Ciprian Aber, Commercial Solutions Sales Director, Network One Distribution.

About Modex

Since entering the market in 2017, Modex – one of the first companies to be registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission – has constantly evolved. Modex’s highly skilled team of around 100 members across four offices – London, Bucharest, Silicon Valley, Gibraltar – is working to prepare and deploy a mature decentralized network that can support a wide range of use cases and facilitate the seamless integration of blockchain technology into enterprise-level products and services. Recently, Modex launched its revamped MODEX Token with new Web3 capabilities and published a new Whitepaper.

About Network One Distribution

Network One Distribution, a company with 100% Romanian shareholders and a turnover of over 389 million Euros in 2021, is the largest technology distributor in Romania, with 20 years of experience in the IT distribution market, a team of over 400 professionals, a national network of specialized partners and over 180 brands in the portfolio.

NOD’s mission, through its partner ecosystem, is to contribute to the development of society and the local economy, providing the public and private business environment with a complete portfolio of solutions, know-how and skills for an integrated management of modernization processes through technology.

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