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Modex lists new audit technology on UiPath Marketplace

July 16, 2021

Modex, the leading Blockchain Database provider, announces today the listing of its audit and compliance solution designed for automation projects on the UiPath Marketplace, a library offering reusable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) components, custom activities, machine learning (ML) models and more via free and open exchange. The technological layer developed by Modex will help customers achieve a streamlined and secure automation experience by facilitating fast and secure data accessibility, transparency and in-depth information traceability via a new technology solution for the audit trails.

Developed using the Blockchain Database (BCDB) technology, the Modex Orchestrator Security Compliance extension is a non-invasive integration with the SQL Server database of the UiPath Orchestrator that enables beneficiaries to track the activity and changes that occur in the database in real-time. This allows Modex and UiPath customers to leverage the benefits of blockchain in the field of process auditing for compliance and regulatory processes.

EY will work with Modex and UiPath in implementing the new security features for clients especially in highly regulated sectors like Financial Services, Health, Energy and the Public Sector.

“We are very happy to work with Modex and UiPath in implementing the new security features to protect sensitive data and prevent internal fraud using elements like data immutability. These will give our customers more confidence in the integrity of the solution and thus support the increase in hyperautomation projects we are delivering for our clients as part of their digital transformation journeys”, says Aurelia Costache, EMEIA Intelligent Automation Leader, EY Romania.

The solution developed by Modex is configured to automatically monitor a set of valuable or sensitive data and record any changes in the database, regardless of whether they are made by the Orchestrator, or manually by a user in the database. When a suspicious modification that contradicts the business logic of the company is detected, the solution developed by Modex automatically notifies sysadmins in near real-time via email about the issue.

Designed to be installed with just a few clicks, users only need to select which database tables they wish to track.

“The extension developed by Modex increases the trust UiPath customers have in their automation data, which is essential for governance and threat protection. We are excited to help make this important security capability accessible via the UiPath Marketplace so users can immediately improve confidence and enhance the quality of their automation projects,” said David Pearson, Director Technology Alliances at UiPath.

“In the wake of the digital era, Modex joins UiPath and EY for delivering a new state of the art software solution that brings first of all more trust for the customers that are embracing hyperautomation. With a new level of security, delivering data protection, the collaboration between Modex and UiPath is gaining traction for the EY clients in various segments from the Financial to Public Sector. We are more than thrilled to deliver state of the art technology for partners like UiPath and EY, some of the leading companies in the world in their industries”, states Mihai Ivascu, CEO of Modex.

Enhanced data audit

The Modex technology adds an extra layer of security for UiPath Orchestrator and the SQL Server database it relies on. In a standard iteration of a SQL Server database, once a set of changes is implemented, the system will display only the latest version of the information. This is because Microsoft SQL Server does not come with a built-in data traceability function. In contrast, the solution developed by Modex brings new levels of data traceability because it tracks all the changes made to the data it is monitoring, timestamps and stores them in a separate database to create a comprehensive and in-depth audit trail of the data.

Storing the audit trail in a separate environment acts as an additional security layer that also enables fast and easy access to the information when the need arises, to demonstrate with tangible evidence who is at fault. This way, drawn-out dispute resolution processes that can span several months and even years that also generate additional financial pressures as third-party auditing services are involved, can be settled in a matter of minutes. Any attempts to tamper with this secondary database trigger an automatic integrity check that restores the data to its previous version while also notifying the changes to admins.

Modex aims to make its technological stack versatile and easy to customize to help answer a wide range of data-related needs that beneficiaries may require throughout the automation journey.

The new solution is highly customizable. It can be configured to target and track any data that is relevant to the customers’ needs and generate a comprehensive record history that acts as an undisputed source of truth for the information. The default notification mechanism of the Modex extension works via email, but beneficiaries have the option to choose additional notification options.

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