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Modex Blockchain Database integrated with Carter’s AI-driven home automation systems

November 5, 2021

Modex, a leading Blockchain Database provider, is announcing that its Blockchain Database (BCDB) flagship product will be integrated into Carter’s AI-driven home automation systems.

The home automation market is undergoing a progressive transformation propelled by the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. An additional opportunity – generated lately by the profound change in people behaviour induced by the Covid-19 pandemic – is that people invest more in home comfort, efficiency and safety, says Carter.

As many professionals around the world are still working from home and will continue to do so for a while, home automation systems become more important than ever. These systems have a significant impact upon our lives, bringing enhanced comfort, smaller bills for utilities, as well as higher domestic and business security. Moreover, home automation systems help increase the energy efficiency of households and offices, and this leads to a decrease in CO2 emissions, thus contributing to a cleaner environment.

Carter, the first home automation system that works with Artificial Intelligence

Household activities generate 14% of the total greenhouse emissions. With Carter Home Automation Systems, users can save up to 58% energy consumed in households, “way more than any competitor currently on the market”. By the end of the year, Carter will introduce blockchain technology into their systems in order to present, secure and validate the data regarding buildings efficiency class; secure, manage and track rented and selling real estate contracts; launch a limited edition of NFT’s for blockchain enthusiasts.

Data, securely stored on Modex Blockchain Database

Storing data in a secure environment, without the possibility of someone tampering with that data, is very important when it comes to Home Automation Systems. To store various parameters – for instance, those cases when the consumption was highest or lowest, when did that happen and how – Carter will use Modex’s BCDB (Blockchain Database). By using BCDB, Carter wants to validate that the respective data is real when someone wants to rent an apartment or sell it. In addition, Carter has chosen Modex’s patented solution as it offers immutability and ownership of users’ data. At any given time, only the users of Carter’s home automation system will have access to the encrypted data as they will be the sole owners of the key needed to access this data.

Commenting on the partnership, Mihai Ivascu, Modex CEO and Co-founder, stated: “I am delighted to see Carter choosing our Blockchain Database solution to streamline and add an extra layer of security to their operations. The innovation brought by BCDB stems from the fact that it hides all the complexities of blockchain technology behind the familiarity of a traditional database system, to give companies access to all the benefits offered by a blockchain framework: decentralization, distribution, data traceability, integrity assurance, immutability and transparency – all while retaining the familiarity of working with a classic database system. By leveraging Modex BCDB, Carter will enhance the security and privacy of the data generated by smart homes.”

“Carter has been specifically developed to disrupt the market of the home automation industry. The system is based on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in order to achieve a high rate of energy-saving and comfort, but without a doubt, this sector could not be complete without blockchain technology. It is essential for users to know that their most important data is protected at all times and that the general data is ready to be presented at any moment, in a secure way. With the help of the technology developed by Modex, we strive to bring complete transparency for the energy efficiency data of any home, so that the process of buying a new home offers more, with full knowledge. We definitely plan to use the technology to its maximum potential. We plan to bring digitalization to the real estate sector and with the help of blockchain, we strive to digitize the contracts. In the long term, we do not exclude the possibility to create a crypto token meant to help the industry of home automation to grow. With the help of Modex, we are proud to pioneer this new technology in the home automation industry”, stated Lucian Popescu, Carter CEO.

About Carter

A team of entrepreneurs and engineers committed to integrating the latest technologies into everyday life, Carter’s mission is to provide hi-tech innovative software and hardware solutions for individuals and businesses with an impact on day-to-day life, providing control and comfort at the highest standards of innovation by using latest technologies, while reducing CO2 emissions and pollution generated by household and business activities.

About Modex

Everything we do at Modex is driven by our mission to solve real-life problems and respond to real business demands by making blockchain adoption affordable, fast and easy for enterprises of any size. Modex Blockchain Database facilitates industry-wide blockchain adoption by combining blockchain technology with traditional data storage mechanisms into a patented hybrid solution that helps public institutions and companies benefit from security, immutability, data integrity – without major investments, special training or year-long implementations.

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