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January 13, 2022

This year’s first #WeAreModex interview focuses on Georgiana, our colleague from HR. We recently sat down with her and had a pleasant chat about human resources, the challenges brought by the pandemic, but also about the tourism industry and how it feels to be a part of Modex.

Georgiana graduated from the University of Bucharest – Faculty of Geography, then she took a Master’s Degree in Business Tourism Management at Dimitrie Cantemir University. She started working right after graduating, more precisely in June 2008. The next 12 years saw her working in the tourism industry – 8 years for the same travel agency. During this time she had the opportunity to discover lots of interesting places: Corfu, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Dubai. When the pandemic started, Georgiana had to quit her job in the tourism sector, in March 2020.

A few months later (June 2020) she started working at Hotel Deals travel agency. “Then, in October, a big opportunity came my way – to work for the Human Resources department, as HR Specialist. It was a new domain for me, a challenging one, but I wanted to become a better professional. The help I’ve received from my colleagues also meant a lot, and that’s how I’ve evolved with my career to where I am now”, recalls Georgiana.


Challenges in HR and tourism

“There were a few challenges I had to deal with in the tourism business. The challenge started right when the customer was requesting a travel offer. With so many travel agencies on the market, each customer had to be treated with maximum professionalism. It was challenging to keep the customer loyal to your travel agency and offer him the desired services. Moreover, it was very important to keep him happy with what you provided so he could return with other travel requests.”

Georgiana adds: “In HR, I believe that everything is a challenge. Currently, recruiting new personnel seems to be the biggest challenge. From the end of 2021 I’m also in charge with the recruiting process, and I’m holding the HR interviews.” If she had the chance to start her career all over again, what would Georgiana do? “I believe I would also start in the tourism industry because I’m very passionate about this domain.”

From the travel industry to a tech company

How did Georgiana arrive at Modex? “Ever since working in the tourism sector I wanted to start a career in HR, but time was not on my side to start some dedicated courses. After exiting the tourism industry, I’ve managed to find the time to take those courses. Then, a close friend advised me to set up a LinkedIn account and one day I’ve posted there that I was looking for a Human Resources job. Seeing that post, Mihai Ivascu, Modex’s CEO and Co-founder, contacted me, then I’ve passed several interviews and that’s how I’ve joined Modex.”

We’ve asked our colleague to give us an overview of her current duties. “In my current position I oversee the personnel administration and the HR recruiting process, I write content for internal communications through our BambooHR platform, and I also offer support, if necessary, regarding salaries. I don’t want to stand still and I would like to get better on the recruiting side, so I’m thinking about obtaining some certifications in the first half of 2022.”


What does it take to be a good Human Resources Specialist?

Here’s what Georgiana had to say about this: “The ability to interact efficiently with the people around you, very good communication skills, patience towards colleagues, empathy, active listening – I believe those are some skills that a good HR Specialist should have. When meeting candidates for a new job, I appreciate them being open to new challenges, having the ability to adapt to new work environments, flexibility and communication skills.”

Georgiana goes on and describes what she likes the most about her current job. “At Modex, employees are encouraged to think outside the box when developing blockchain-based products and services. There are no imposed rules which may limit your professional growth. There’s transparency between the team’s members, and the feedback flows freely between our teams. But above all that, what I like the most about Modex is that they’ve given me the chance to start my HR career from scratch, they’ve put a lot of time and effort to help me evolve as a professional and get to where I am now. I am happy for having the chance to work with a cool team and nice colleagues!”

Trips, books and enjoyable moments with friends

We couldn’t end our conversation with Georgiana without speaking about her hobbies. “I love to travel. To meet new people, discover new cultures, experience new culinary delights. I love everything related to travel. I also enjoy reading, although this shouldn’t be counted as a hobby, but a must, a routine, a way of living. Moreover, I enjoy watching movies and hanging out with friends, I’m a sociable person.”


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