Fortech leverages Modex’s blockchain expertise to deploy innovative software projects

May 26, 2022

Leading blockchain solutions provider Modex has partnered up with Fortech, a software development company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and one of the largest IT service providers in the region. The aim of the partnership is to provide joint innovative solutions with relevant blockchain-based functionalities in multiple industries, including automotive, healthcare, banking and finance, manufacturing, professional services and IoT.

In today’s rapidly evolving tech world, blockchain technology is becoming increasingly relevant for a wide range of industries. Companies of all sizes are looking to adopt cutting-edge software solutions that can help them streamline operations in all departments and functions. Modex and Fortech are joining forces to combine the power of blockchain technology and the suite of advantages it brings with the multiple benefits of using smart software solutions to enhance productivity and profitability.

Blockchain-powered solutions for a better tomorrow

As part of the agreement, Modex’s expertise will expand Fortech’s portfolio with the latest blockchain-powered solutions. In exchange, Fortech will amplify Modex’s capacity to scale and will add up tech expertise spanning both the mainstream technologies, as well as next-gen tech such as machine learning, embedded, RPA, or cloud applications etc. The two companies will also explore new opportunities for enterprise projects with a blockchain component, as well as Web3-related projects.

“Our companies’ core values and business expertise converge in many aspects, so partnering up with Fortech represents another step in bringing added-value products and services to the enterprise market. We are eager to deploy cutting-edge tech solutions in a series of industries with high potential and proud to team up with such a strong Romanian company that values innovation as much as we do,” stated Mihai Ivascu, Modex CEO and Co-founder.

“To deliver on our promise of professional custom software development services, we must constantly expand our know-how. It is no longer enough to master a traditional or emerging technology to attract and retain clients. We need a deep understanding of how different technologies work together and how they integrate within pre-existing tech systems, specific industries, and business scenarios. As no company knows everything, we also need strong partners to complement our expertise and help us grow. Modex is the perfect example of such a company. With their Blockchain Database® (BCDB) and proven track record of enterprise blockchain solutions delivered, Modex opened a promising new direction for us. We do the same for them with our broad expertise and strong delivery team and are eager to work together on innovative solutions that will benefit our companies and their clients,” said Călin Văduva, the President of Fortech.

Modex and Fortech – multi-levelled synergies  

Blockchain technology

Modex uses blockchain technology to develop scalable products and services that transform the way data and digital assets are stored, shared and managed. Modex Blockchain Database® (BCDB) is a patented enterprise blockchain solution that augments traditional databases with blockchain capabilities: real-time data protection and integrity tracking, secure data sharing and simplified compliance processes.  

Software development services

Fortech has been providing software development services for over 18 years now. The company’s software engineers are experienced in multiple technologies, in areas such as web, desktop, mobile, embedded applications, cloud computing and virtualization. They also continuously build new skills in disruptive technologies and areas, including machine learning, blockchain, big data, or microservices. Fortech’s experience spans financial services, healthcare, automotive, industrial manufacturing, professional services, consumer products, public sector, energy and resources, media and telecom.


Modex and Fortech can work together to build cutting-edge solutions for the healthcare sector. Blockchain can bring a unique set of benefits to the healthcare industry by placing patients at the center of the ecosystem and giving them power over one of their most valuable resources: their data. Blockchain technology allows for transparent, peer-managed, secure data tracking across devices, creating an efficient and secure data management system with strict access control and privacy-preserving features for patients. Why is this so useful? Better data access models can incentivize patients and hospitals to monetize their valuable data digital assets.

On its end, Fortech enables healthcare providers to better manage hospitals, practices and clinical processes by offering reliable and custom healthcare software development. The software Fortech has developed for its partners in the healthcare sector was done following all relevant regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR. Fortech delivers software for healthcare organizations, care providers, healthcare software vendors (ISVs), device manufacturers, or any startup with a great idea.  

Banking and financial services

Legacy systems in the banking industry, some of which are 30-40 years old, complex procedures and slow processes in the financial services sector need major upgrades to keep up with today’s demands. More and more companies are embracing blockchain technology to revamp their outdated systems and procedures, enhance the security of databases and transactions, increase efficiency, and cut operational costs.

The core features of blockchain provide financial institutions with a way to gain swift and secure access to clean and up-to-date customer data. This results in greater operational efficiency, increased trust between institutions and a reduction of labor-intensive data gathering, processing time and costs.  

Fortech develops custom financial software development services delivered by cross-functional agile teams with deep technical expertise and industry know-how. The company’s engineers are skilled in financial software development and have implemented and deployed projects for financial institutions and fintech companies alike. By leveraging an extended network of strategic partnerships, Fortech provides financial innovation consultancy services for banks and fintech and easy integration of several white-label platforms and solutions.


Modex and Fortech can also work together to bring valuable tech-based transformation to the automotive industry. Two innovation-driven, performance-oriented brands, Peugeot Sport and Modex, recently announced their new partnership in the framework of Peugeot’s endurance racing project. As the Official Partner of Peugeot Sport’s hypercar program, Modex supports the new 9X8, a hybrid concept car for endurance racing. Both Modex and Peugeot Sport share the same focus on software development, a key element of achieving maximum performance, especially in the competitive world of endurance racing.

The Fortech team has over 18 years of experience in software development and is a trusted partner for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Today’s car models feature lots of electronic systems and tech gadgets aimed at the occupants’ well-being. Thus, it’s imperative that the software packed by these cars is cutting-edge, reliable, and easy to update. When it comes to serving the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry, Fortech’s services include software testing and development, business analysis, operations, customer support, UX&UI design, etc. Regardless of the clients’ requirements – which can be related to self-driving abilities, infotainment systems, advanced driver-assistance systems, electrification, or other aspects – Fortech delivers automotive software to companies from North America and Germany.  


About Modex

Modex’s highly skilled team of around 100 members across four offices – London, Bucharest, Silicon Valley, and Gibraltar – is working to prepare and deploy a mature decentralized network that can support a wide range of use cases and facilitate the seamless integration of blockchain technology into enterprise-level products and services. The company’s flagship solution, Modex Blockchain Database®, connects legacy databases to a blockchain engine to ensure trust, security, and integrity for enterprise data.

About Fortech

Fortech is a top Romanian software development company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca. With a workforce of 1000 people, Fortech has been repeatedly recognized by Deloitte, EY, IAOP and Forbes for its fast-growing, entrepreneurial journey.

With expertise and a strategic focus across healthcare, financial services, industrial manufacturing, professional services, automotive sectors, and more, Fortech covers the end-to-end software lifecycle development to deliver the innovation, scalability, quality and speed its clients need.  

Fortech’s approach to software engineering combines strong technology and process know-how, agile delivery methods, and a blend of code quality practices and metrics refined in almost two decades. Since 2003, over two hundred clients chose Fortech as their tech partner.

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