What is Block Explorer?

A block explorer or blockchain explorer is a program or website accessible through a compatible browser that allows a user to search and navigate the blocks of a blockchain network and their content. Almost all cryptocurrencies have an online block explorer which can be used by users of a blockchain network. A block explorer is basically a browser for the blockchain which allows users to explore the entire blockchain platform they are using, providing valuable information, not just transaction tracking. A point worth mentioning is that you can’t use a block explorer for a blockchain it wasn’t mean for, for example you can’t track Ethereum transactions with a Bitcoin block explorer.


Block Explorer

Block explorers are a quintessential tool which allows participants of a blockchain network to easily explore, visualize, search, verify, research information. Modex team intends to implement a block explorer for the test network, which means that smart contracts deployed on the basis of a purchase by a potential buyer from the marketplace, will end up being deployed on the live Ethereum network.
Block Feed
Block explorers allow users to explore recently mined blocks on the blockchain network. Block explorers provide a live feed of all the blocks that are added to the blockchain in real time
Transaction Feed
Block explorers allow users to explore any transaction in any block that has already been mined and is currently attached to the blockchain network
Receiving and Change Addresses
A block explorer allows users to see the receiving address and the change address
Largest Transaction
Some block explorers register the data of the largest transactions done in a day
Mempool Status
Block explorers allows users to see the status of mempool, where users will find a total number of unconfirmed transactions along with transaction details
Double Spend Incidents
Advanced block explorers also record how many double spend transactions were done in the last 10 minutes
Orphaned Blocks
Users can check the number of blocks that were orphaned and not attached to the blockchain network
Blocks Relayed By
Users can check which mining pool relayed the block
Genesis Block
A block explorer will show you the genesis block of that blockchain network


A blockchain network encompasses complex formats for denoting nodes, addresses, transactions and block numbers, the job of the block explorer is to display all this information in a readable format which can be understood with the naked eye. The information is structured in the form of a standard website, which include a series of hyperlinks that can be clicked in order to easily switch from one piece of data to another.

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