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Welcome to Modex, the ultimate Web3 powerhouse dedicated to revolutionizing the way sport and business engage with their audiences. Our seamless Web3 technology opens doors to new monetization opportunities and enhances engagement like never before.

with FIFA

FIFA has announced a new collaboration with Modex to drive the FIFA Collect platform, introducing an original digital collectibles project for fans around the world.
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Our Web3 Football Tailored Ecosystem

Football, along with sports in general, thrives on passion, moments, and experiences. That's why we've crafted a straightforward, instant, and captivating ecosystem, with fans at the forefront of our design.

Discover the FIFA Collect Platform

FIFA and Modex have partnered to empower FIFA Collect, revolutionizing football with digital collectibles. This collaboration blends FIFA's legacy with Modex's Web3 tech to offer fans diverse experiences and opportunities, taking the football industry to new heights.

Our Utility Token

The Modex utility token is at the heart of the Modex ecosystem, governing participation in the Modex network. Built on an enterprise-grade blockchain, this network ensures interoperability, traceability and trust.

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